Welcome Sadly, I have to announce that I will be closing our retail storefront sometime in December. Since  October of 2009, it has been quite a struggle to keep the doors open. Since July Of this year,my husband and myself have been working for expenses only. And since our lease expired at the end of this 2011, we have decided to quit the business. What the future holds for myself and my art, I can not say. Perhaps I can puzzle out a web based  business, or perhaps I can return to something a little easier like the flea market or Apple Hill, but right  now, I offer nothing for sale. I will keep my website for email, and if you need to contact me you may do  so there.                                                                                                                   Thank you all, my customers, Linda   The Airbrush Shop In Addition .... is not the name of my business, but rather a description of what I do. I have been working as an airbrush artist in Sacramento for about seven years, with five of those at the present location..,  ... to airbrushing, I also work with my design skills at making a number of unique personal gift items. take a look, and Welcome to my site. ~ Linda  4399 Florin Rd #5 Sacramento  CA 95823 916.421.3795 Artistry by: Linda C Scott Contact linda@lindacscott.com The Airbrush Shop